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The Table Show is to encourage quality breeding within the club - only young fish bred in the last spawning season are allowed to enter. A Table Show is judged at each monthly Branch meeting, and any fish brought along to enter the Table Show (regardless of whether it won at the meeting) is then allowed to enter the "Class 4 - Table Show" class in our Annual Show. The winner of this class is known as the Young Champion (or Table Show Champion).

The concept of the Table Show goes back many years and was first introduced into the club by John Coles who donated the original trophy and set the original rules. From its humble beginning the Table Show has evolved over the years to its current form and is now an integral part of the Club, its meetings and indeed the Annual Show.

Pictured right: Table Show Champion (Young Champion) 2011 (44cm Sanke, Julie Bennett)


The Table Show can therefore be seen as contiguous with affording members an opportunity to:

a) Display their fish and enjoy the accolades of a successful spawn
b) Improve their judging skills by judging the table show entrants and providing a little detail as to the basis of their decisions. This is particularly important to our more senior members who use the table show as an invaluable training ground.
c) Study fish close up raising any questions or points of clarity. This is extremely useful to our new and more recent members who use the Table Show to gain hands on experience.
d) Promote a culture of active participation within the club through a process of constructive debate and knowledge sharing

As stated earlier the Table Show has been refined over the years with the most recent change coming in to affect for the 2014/15 breeding season. The standing committee saw it fit to split the Table Show class into the 4 classes:

Table Show A: Kohaku, Sanke, Showa & Utsurimono ONLY (these 4 varieties are collectively known as "Gosanke")

Table Show B: all other varieties (excluding ginrin)

Table Show Kinginrin: Kinginrin A, Kinginrin B, (All Ginrin Fish)

Table Show Doitsu: All Doitsu & Leatherskins (including Sushui & Kumonryu)

This change was primarily driven by the following reasons:

a) To give other varieties a go, particularly asagis/shusuis etc which are low in numbers within the club
b) To stimulate more involvement by other members who may not have gosanke babies with the same quality as some of our senior members but certainly do have other varieties of comparable quality
c) To get more fish into the Table Show and ultimately into the Annual Show

Table Show Rules

The KSWA Guidance & Procedure document on the Table Show is available on our Forms & Procedures page.


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