Making a Portable Filter

Members competing in our Annual Show are permitted to attach a small filter to their show bin.

Any small filter is suitable, however we have drawn up some simple instructions to make your own cheap filter.


  • Purchase a small plastic drum - be sure that the lid has an O-ring seal (so it is water tight) and a tap fitting towards the bottom. Drums can be purchased from camping stores.
  • Purchase two lengths of hose: one to run from the pump in the bin to the filter, and one to return the water from the filter to the bin. Water can enter through the tap at the bottom and return out the lid, or vice versa. Hose fittings may need to be purchased from irrigation shops to ensure it is watertight where the hoses enter the drum.
  • Any sort of filter media will work (K1, K3, jap mat, onion bag, etc)
  • You can either fill the drum with new filter media a month or so before Show day and leave it running on your pond, OR on Show day take some of your existing established filter media and put it in the drum.

    Photographs - click on them for larger version


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