Pond Design Basics

There is no point describing how to construct a Koi pond in this article, as there are many articles on the internet and about a zillion books written on the subject.

What I will mention is some basic principles that I recommend you include in your construction planning.

One of the many good things about Koi keeping is that you can choose the materials and the size of your pond to suit your budget and the area available.

Do put a lot of planning into your pond before construction, it is well worth it. Have a good look for a suitable location.

Under a tree that drops nuts or loses it's leaves during winter or has a large root system is not a good place. Also where it will get rain run off from treated pine decking is not desirable.

The recommended depth of a koi pond is a minimum of 1 metre but obviously much better if it is deeper. Do remember if you are limited for space you can always go deeper or higher to give you more volume.

A pond with vertical sides and a sloping base to the bottom drain will always be most efficient as there is nowhere for the rubbish to cling to.

Most importantly, bottom drains should be fitted at the lowest point. Some ponds have a series of funnel shapes in the base with pipes attached to the bottom of each, leading to the filter system.

Do not forget to build a surface skimmer in your pond, and do provide for as much aeration as possible such as waterfalls and venturi's if you can.

If you can, always try to build your pond just that little bit bigger to accommodate for the natural urge to have, just one more of that variety, or one more fish, and do remember the fish you have will get bigger with time.

Bill Passey


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