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Welcome to the Web Site of the Koi Society of Western Australia. We hope you find it informative and stimulating to the extent that you may visit us at one of our many events. Branch Meetings are held in South Perth and Wanneroo on a monthly basis. These meetings are supplemented by members koi auctions and pond tours etc.

The hobby of Nishigoi keeping in Western Australia has followed that of world trends. From the foundation of a Society in 1989 by a few enthusiasts it is now a hobby enjoyed by thousands of people supported by a number of large commercial outlets. It is estimated that over 20,000 people have a pond, with koi in West Australia.

All this started from rather humble beginnings. In 1989 a party of 14 koi enthusiasts formed the Koi Society of Western Australia by 1990 the membership numbers had increased to a level sufficient to support an Annual Show of fish. This attracted widespread interest and brought the hobby of koi keeping to a larger W.A. audience. As a result the KSWA flourished and in 1991 the Society formally became an affiliated member of the world wide parent organisation based in Japan, Zen Nippon Airinkai.

Zen Nippon Airinkai is formally recognised by the Japanese Government. It sets standards for the hobby which are institutionalised world wide and supplies judges and education to all countries for Annual Shows.

Western Australia has a very healthy koi society with over 100 active members at present. Over the years it has provided information to thousands of West Australians and underpins this information with sound environmental advice. Since 2006 the number of fish entered in our Annual Koi Show has almost doubled, with numbers regularly reaching over 300 today. Not only have the numbers of koi being shown increased but the quality has improved dramatically. All fish are Australian bred. This improvement in quality is as a result of the breeding efforts of dedicated hobbyists.

The Society also offers a service to collect unwanted pond fish seeing this as preferable environmentally to persons dumping fish in waterways and dams. If you are a koi owner reading this and wish to surrender any unwanted fish take responsible action, this will help protect the unique Australian environment.

Member's koi ponds range from 2000 litres to the expensive ponds using the very latest in technology and often holding more that 100,000 litres. Good quality koi fish in good conditions are unrivalled for pattern colour and friendliness. Once seen they are never forgotten.

As the population of Perth grows and water features in backyards continue to be popular, the future will see additional branches with more educated members, doing the correct thing by setting the example for responsible koi keeping. All of this will be supported by a flourishing commercial industry.

Our koi have come under scrutiny in the past from Government departments due to koi being relatives of the carp family Cyprinus carpio. Let us work together to set the correct examples, always being mindful of this unique and fragile environment we live in. Australia currently has a poor record in protecting its fauna and flora. This is an indictment on us all.

Please, let us all, act responsibly, enjoy our koi fish and if we can be of any assistance please come along to any event or email us.


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