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About the Sales Table

The Koi Society of Western Australia runs a Sales Table which supplies products to members at discounted rates.

The Sales Table was started in the early 1990's and stocks a range of koi related products ranging from foods, pond treatments, nets and many other accessories at a heavily reduced price.

Items available are leading edge products from the UK and high quality foods from Japan. The Sales Table representative has access to wholesale distributor catalogues from which orders can be placed.

The Sales Table is run by an elected committee member and all profits from sales go directly to the club to assist in purchasing club equipment, funding events (such as the Annual Koi Show) and purchasing more stock for the shop. It is open to members at monthly club meetings, auctions, and other club activities for your convenience. You must be a financial member to purchase from the Sales Table.

While most items are kept in stock, some larger or hard-to-source items may need to be ordered in advance. Country members are welcome to purchase from the Sales Table - postage can be arranged for most items.

The Sales Table accepts cash, cheques or money orders (payable to KSWA)

Every effort is made to ensure that financial members get the full discount from the Sales Table, however these prices are subject to change without notice.

List of Products

Complete Test Kit
Fry powder$30.00 per kgFry powder, 46% protein, great value
Baby food$25.00 per kgBaby food in sizes 1,2,3,4.
Nijimi Quick Grow$10.00 per kgNijimi quality koi food, quick grow formula. Available in 1kg bags ($10) or 10kg bags ($100)
Nijimi Wheatgerm$13.00 per kgNijimi quality koi food, wheatgerm. Available in 1kg bags ($13) or 10kg bags ($130)
Bacteria clarrifier (25 gram tub)$15 per 25 gram tubbacteria clarrifier
Hydrogen peroxide 50%$15.00 per litre
Poly bags$1.00Strong poly bags for transporting koi. 450x600mm & 600x900mm
Potassium Permanganate$15.00 for 500gPowerful oxydising agent which can treat parasites in a pond - use with caution!


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