Committee & Life Members

Executive Committee of 2020 - 2022 (AGM held in May, June or July each year, executive committee positions are for a term of 2 years)

President: Shona Macskasy - president@koiclubwa.com
Vice President: Des Howlett
Secretary: Allan Bennett - secretary@koiclubwa.com
Treasurer: Ryan Witney - treasurer@koiclubwa.com
Membership: Ryan Witney - membership@koiclubwa.com
General Committee Members: Jun Hua Guo, Joel Bacich, Kevin Crook, Dave Brown, Adrian Falconer

Other Positions

Newsletter Editor: Ryan Witney - editor@koiclubwa.com
Logistics Coordinator: Brett Howlett
Auction Master: Joel Bacich - 0437 803 892
Webmaster: Ryan Witney - webmaster@koiclubwa.com
Sales Table: Jun Hua Guo - salestable@koiclubwa.com

Southern Branch Committee 2020 - 2021 (elections held in July each year)

Southern Branch Chairman: Allan Bennett
Secretary: Stuart Braggins
Treasurer/Membership: Ping Chang
Tea & Coffee: Chris Clay

Northern Branch Committee 2020 - 2021 (elections held in September each year)

Northern Branch Chairman: Des Howlett
Secretary: Kevin Crook
Treasurer/Membership: Ryan Witney
Tea and Coffee: Barry Ambler

Show Committee 2021

Chairperson: TBA
Chief Steward: TBA
Entries & results: TBA
Trophy Steward: TBA
Sponsorship & Public Affairs: TBA
Logistics Coordinator: TBA
Water Quality Coordinator: TBA
Presentation Night Coordinator: TBA

Life Members of KSWA

For outstanding contribution to koi and the Koi Society of Western Australia, the following members have been awarded Lifetime Memberships

Kim Chipper
Judy Passey
Bill Passey
Ces Graham
Dave Gibson
Rod Strang
Allan Bennett
Shona Macskasy

Outstanding Contribution Award

We award one member each year with the Outstanding Contribution Trophy for going "above and beyond" in their service to the club over the past year.

2007 - Tim Leroy
2008 - Freya Whitton
2009 - Shona Macskasy (Whaite)
2010 - Kerry Cross
2011 - Rodney Hansen
2012 - Des Howlett
2013 - Lina Tassone
2014 - Con Pismiris
2015 - Brett Howlett
2016 - Ryan Witney
2017 - Jun Hua Guo
2018 - Adrian Falconer


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