Shona's pond build

Pond Constructions : Shona's pond build

DIMENSIONS: 4.5m x 2.4m
DEPTH: 2m at it's deepest
VOLUME: 15,000 excluding filters
MATERIALS: Floor: Concrete with reo bar (75-80mm thick). Walls: limestone blocks (500x350x350mm). Waterproofing: 3CC mixed into cement render, 4 coats of LB9 sealer.
BOTTOM DRAINS: 1 x 100mm
FILTRATION: Prefilter (vortex), Main filter (Nexus 200), Polishing chamber (not yet installed). 1 x UV unit.
Excavator digging hole. 45cm at edges, sloped to 1m deep at middle
45cm deep shelf at edges, start of ditch for bottom drain pipework
Bottom drain and pipe in place
Sand backfilled over pipework. Reo bar in place
75-80mm concrete floor, much more sloped than it looks in the photo. Note flat shelf around all 4 sides ready for blocks to sit on.
First row of blocks (500x350x350), 9 blocks long, 4 blocks wide.
First row complete. This row sits completely below surrounding ground level.
Almost 3 rows complete.
All 4 rows complete! Final ground level will be another half block high than shown here.
2-3mm cement render with 3CC waterproofing additive mixed in.
2 coats of LB9 sealer plus 2 coats of LB9 sealer (tinted BLACK)
Bottom drain pipe going to filtration area. 100mm valve to isolate filters during cleaning.
Nexus in temporary position, pre-filter and polishing chamber to be added in future.
Brick wall on back edge of pond, filtration sits behind wall.


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