Luke & Sharon Bray

Pond Constructions : Luke & Sharon Bray

DIMENSIONS: 6m X 4m at it's furthest points
DEPTH: 2m at it's deepest, however water level usually sits at about 1.7m
VOLUME: 29,000 litres including filters & vortex
MATERIALS:Concrete slab, single brick & fibreglass with ceramic tiles as final layer.
FILTERS:2 X 100mm bottom drains, vortex (recent addition), 3 x filter chambers with commercial fish netting in the first two chambers & Japanese matting in the third, 2 x UV lights & aeration into both the filter chambers & pond via an independent airpump.
RENOVATIONS: Vortex, redesigned inlet pipes for better water circulation, large glass window, lattice backing, rearranged pump house area, new filter box covers.
FAVOURITE KOI: Lukes is Gin Rin Tancho Sanke & Sharons is Shusui, however both enjoy any quality koi from just about any breed line known to man.
picture: cant find file /web/koiclubwa/photogallery/Before.jpg
The main structure of the pond was fine, it just needed some refinements
This is where the window is going
A large hole in the base of the pond was the reason the renovations commenced.
The filter chambers were fine.
The pumphouse was redesigned by both Reg Tipple & Ces Graham
picture: cant find file /web/koiclubwa/photogallery/Window.jpg
A bit of paint and we are all done. The koi absolutely love the window & so do I.
The end result is a lot more pleasing to the eye.


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